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Minorities Entrepreneurs play an important role for the development of the Nation and Community. They contribute to the employment generation, industrial output, and help to achieve higher economic growth. Despite excellent knowledge, innovative ideas and remarkable contributions towards Nation building, most of the entrepreneurs do not come into limelight and their efforts and success are not fully known to outside world.

The Minorities Entrepreneurs National Brand Awards 2018 confers and recognizes the exceptional talents and contributions of entrepreneurs involved in various business sectors. We also appreciate to those persons or institutions that support them for their distinguished contributions, developments, innovations and achievements. This recognition will motivate existing and emerging Minorities entrepreneurs to succeed in their fields and will act as role models for encouraging more entrepreneurship.

A panel of judges consisting of industrialists and experts will select the successful Minorities entrepreneurs National Brand Awards 2018.

Role of Entrepreneurs

The Entrepreneurs play a very important role and make commendable contribution for the development of the Nation as well as Community. They put efforts for economic growth of the country, provide employment, educate and convert unskilled workforce into skilled ones, adopt, exchange new views, ideas, concepts, technology and innovations for the growth of their business.

Building a media strategy that connects your brand with the right audience is,the out-of-home category can provide a great canvas for your brand’s story to target your right audience, for this we have our own home brand media production which is MAEESHAT, India’s first magazine which focus on minorities business and economy.



“An entrepreneur, philanthropist, civic and thought leader.

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Entrepreneur – Abu Dhabi

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CMD Bearys Group of Companies

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CMD Niton Valve Industries


Nominations would be analyzed to verify that the entrepreneur or the company has successfully identified risks and taken the necessary initiatives, to lead and inspire others, to soar against challenges, plan and implement sound and effective strategies and demonstrated their forte, whether locally or internationally.

Anyone who is associated with a successful entrepreneur can encourage them to enter. This includes employees, customers, company advisors, family and friends. You may also enter yourself or your own company.

To receive a Minorities Entrepreneurship National Brand Awards, an organization (participant) must be a legally entity.

You need to fill up the online registration form and submit it and we will get in touch with you.

This process usually includes interviews, a site visit, reference checks, follow-up questions, in-depth financial review and a discussion of grant objectives.

Only RS – 5000/- ONLY

Only RS – 1000/- ONLY

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